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Laughsprin was created to help bring the healing power of laughter to people in need. People all over the world are dealing with illnesses and health issues big and small. Not only do we want to provide support and help to those in need, but we also want to bring a smile to their face. There are many different organizations and fundraisers around that flat out ask for money, and that is how we set ourselves apart from the rest. We use the healing power of laughter through a comedy show to help put a unique spin on raising awareness for various causes. With the help of celebrities and athletes, this show brings together a diverse crowd of people from different communities, companies and organizations that want to support others. The different charitable organizations get the opportunity to voice their needs and explain their goals, while the sponsors get the chance to proudly show how they are involved. Together, through stories and smiles, we all get the chance to come together and make a difference,

one laugh at a time. 

Join us in our efforts to help our community.

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